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​You are looking for keys to well-being, fulfillment and harmony between body and mind, Chinese medicine is made for you!

Providing a holistic vision of the body, focusing on your health and well-being, are the priorities of the Hungarian estate.

Also, in order to enrich our well-being and health offer, we have developed a partnership with a training school in Chinese medicine: the Wang Academy of TCM, whose director, Mrs. Wang Defeng, is a doctor and expert professor of Chinese medicine. at Peking University.

During courses, organized by the Wang Academy at the Domaine de Hungary, you will discover two branches of Chinese medicine for:

– awaken your inner energy with the mindful practice of Qi Gong and understand its benefits on physical, energetic and mental health.

Next introductory course in Qi Gong for all audiences: July 19,20,21,22, 2024

Qi Gong at Domaine de Hungary
Qi Gong at Domaine de Hungary

​– introduce you to a diet of the right balance and long life with Chinese dietetics.

On this occasion, we will invite you to become the conductor of your diet with seasonal foods grown in permaculture in the vegetable gardens on our estate.

Coming soon, an introductory workshop on Chinese dietetics.

To go further and discover the history, the five branches of Chinese medicine and the training offered by the Wang Academy, do not hesitate to consult the site:

We are waiting for many of you to support you towards a healthier lifestyle in harmony with your expectations.

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