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In our world today, we often have the impression that we are subjected to events and that we have lost the power to change them. This is certainly true at the national and international level but it is not true within the framework of the Gersois Participatory Budget .

The departmental council has allocated a sum of 1 million euros to promote the realization of projects carried out by citizens.

Our associations “ Château-Neuf des Peuples ” and “ Domaine de Hungary ” were selected for this third edition. The 2 previous editions enabled the completion of more than 100 projects. We invite you to consult the website to convince you of the usefulness of this approach.

Now is the time to vote. We're counting on your support.

We present to you our 2 projects and the voting procedures.

You have to vote for 3 projects which leaves you the choice of the third project.

To be elected our projects will need more than 2000 votes.

Our volunteers mobilized to meet citizens and explain to them their actions for the benefit of the region. They are present in local events and in the markets.

Or click the buttons below

To register on the GERSOIS Participatory Budget website.

To view and VOTE for this project.

To view and VOTE for this project.

VOTE for a third and final project.

We hope, in the same spirit of mobilization and solidarity, that you forward this publication to your friends .

Thank you for your trust and commitment.

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