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The Domain of Hungary is the ideal place for the organization of your events.


We regularly offer the following activities:

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Conferences :


we provide you with a room that can accommodate up to 40 people.




Courses / workshops :


yoga, meditation, clear feeling, conscious cooking, pottery, dance, writing, art therapy, permaculture, follow us on social networks and on our “agenda” page to keep you informed of upcoming events. In the summer you can also organize your outdoor activities in the many places of the Domaine.




Artists / writers retreats:


take advantage of the calm of nature and the particular energies of the place to let your inspiration and your creativity express themselves.






In 2024, the sustainable food festival will take place on August 2, 3 and 4. 


Astronomy clubs:


the estate offers you a unique place for observing the starry sky. We have built a 110 m² circular wooden platform on top of a hill which we use during the day for group activities such as yoga or meditation classes, and which we make available to you at night for observation. from the sky. The place, in the middle of nature, does not suffer from any light pollution and allows observations of optimal quality.




Healing weekend:


a 3-day formula far from the stress and constraints of modern life, take the time for a break to relax, recharge your batteries and replenish your well-being!


- full board accommodation

- individual sessions with 5 of the best therapists and wellness practitioners in the region

- unlimited access to sauna and jacuzzi

- personalized sessions of yoga, meditation, observation of the starry sky, walking in nature, musical therapy...

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